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Demonic - How the liberal mob is endangering America by Ann Coulter
One of many top sellers by the leading conservative author Ann Coulter. Coulter examines how liberals use group or "mob" tactics to push their agenda on America. Ann Coulter says the liberals have used mobs such as protesting that has led to violence and used the tactic to make it appear that they are a bigger group than they really are to get their way and try to persuade media. 

How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter Ann Coulter hits hard and slaps liberals. Ann doesn't hold back and clearly speaks her mind without political correctness. Ann Coulter is a leading conservative author and has many best sellers.
A Crime Novel (97,400 words)

It was a kidnap/revenge scheme so over-planned it was bound to fail, but 22-year-old David Thorne doesn't have much choice. Retired spy Gregor Lunden now holds Thorne's share from a major robbery. To get his $170,616 back means helping Lunden commit kidnapping and probable murder. David Thorne is determined it won't be his...

ROBERT D. ROSE is the pen name of Liberty News Forum member quiller, a Michigan-based writer, former journalist and broadcaster. A Vietnam veteran, as a U.S. Navy Journalist he headed entertainment radio operations on the USS Ranger in the Gulf of Tonkin. Later, in civilian life, he was a police/courts reporter for a daily Michigan newspaper.

LUNDEN'S GAME is his first published novel, available for Kindle at Amazon.com.